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Come see us in Nicholasville or Frankfort for your free and professional water analysis.  Our computerized Alex Software takes out the probability of error and delivers fast and accurate results within minutes.  You won't find this technology just anywhere.  Alex software is exclusive to Bioguard professionals who receive extensive training in water quality year after year.  We are constantly evolving using the latest tools that are proven to deliver results.  Let us show you why so many have come to know and trust our expert advice.    

Tips for securing a water sample:  

​Remove lid from provided water bottle or any clean container. Turn bottle upside down so that the opening is facing the pool bottom.  Once you are elbow deep, flip the bottle right side up to collect your sample.  You should do this away from any skimmers or jets for the most accurate representation of your whole body of water.  Bring us your water sample immediately if you are able to. Water should be read no later than 3 hours after retrieval and should be kept in a controlled environment.  Leaving the water in a hot car could cause the water to become heated and potentially change the water chemistry.  

Free Computerized Water Analysis

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