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​​​At Backyard Fun Pools, we know that no two inground pools are identical.  It's just not possible.  Why then would one order a pre-made liner for their unique pool?  It just doesn't make sense, yet this is a common practice among many pool companies.  When we do a liner replacement, we come out to the property and carefully take a series of complex measurements.  These measurements are input into a liner measurement software that allows us to create a liner that fits your pool like a glove, the way a liner should.  

The price of a inground vinyl liner replacement varies from pool to pool.  Some things we take into consideration are the size and shape of the pool and how much bottom repair will be needed.  If a pool has been sitting empty for a period of time, or if it has a larger leak, the bottom of the pool will likely show damage and need additional resurfacing, resulting in additional labor and materials.  If a pool is currently holding water or just has a small leak, bottom repair will more than likely be minimal and may not incur additional charges.  In summary, you can expect to pay between $2,400-$3,800 for a liner replacement, with additional costs for excessive bottom repair.  Contact us for a free estimate.  

 Vinyl Liner REplacements in the greater lexington area

How much does an inground vinyl liner replacement cost?

We strive to do the very best vinyl liner replacements in the greater Lexington area!

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