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Whoaaa!!  Whoaaa!!  I know, I know, Labor Day has come and gone.  Public pools have all closed down, and the kids are back in school.  You’re just not using your pool as much anymore and are ready to close it down for the winter.  That’s right, that last sentence said winter…… but it’s not even fall yet.  As a matter of fact, we have a 90 degree heat wave going on right now outside these air conditioned walls, yet the calls are beginning to come in for pool closings.  Let me start by saying this;  there is nothing magical about a pool closing.  Just because we put winter chemicals in the pool and put a cover on it does not mean we will open a beautiful, blue pool.  Most people (unless you have a salt system) shock their pool once a week.  If they don’t, the pool will soon turn green.  Same concept with winter chemicals.  With warm water temperatures, a winter kit will also be depleted within about a week.  What the winter kit is looking for is winter water temperatures.  Water temperatures need to be consistently 60 degrees or less.  At that point, the winter kit can perform as it is intended to.  So……..even though the pools may not be overflowing with family, friends, and laughter this time of year, you will do yourself a huge favor if you continue to maintain the pool for a little while longer  🙂

Tip:  Please feel free to call us anytime to get in our pool closing line-up.  Mid to late October closings fill up quickly, so if you call around that time, we could be booked up to 2 weeks out.

As always, we greatly appreciate your business!!

Pool Closings

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