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There are several different types of drains used for draining water off and away from swimming pools. When installing deck drain around pools, consideration needs to be given as to how the drain will be cleaned at a later date because all off them will become clogged at some point with dirt and debris.

The standard deck drain,channel drain, and super drain form Stegmeier LLC are one piece drains without a removable top, making them hard to be cleaned out after a short period of time.  This is an example of a one piece deck drain.  

Swimming Pool Deck Drain

What is swimming pool deck drain and why is it important?

Swimming pool deck drain is a drainage system that is installed in the concrete pool deck as a permanent water drain to capture rain water from the deck and release it into the yard away from the pool.

The Frontier,Treadmaster, and other 2-piece drains offered by Stegmeier can be cleaned after installation. These have removable tops that allow for ease of maintenance at a later date and will prevent excess water from causing problems around your pool. These do cost a little more but are well worth it in the life of the project. Here is an example of deck drain with a removable top piece.  Removable top caps are available in 4 different colors: black, tan, white, and grey.  

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