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Backyard Fun Pools

Questions to Ask Before Installing a Pool

When having a pool installed, electricians, plumbers, and other construction companies will have to work on your pool to make sure everything in installed properly. Insurance and worker’s compensation will protect you from having to pay any of these additional worker's or subcontractor's losses in the event of an accident.

Hidden Pool Construction Costs

In the state of Kentucky, it is required by law to have a fence installed in your yard if you have a pool. Your pool will not be cleared for use by an inspector until a fence is installed. Don’t wait until your pool is finished to have this installed, lest you be left with a beautiful and unusable pool.

Pool Closed

Whoaaa!! Whoaaa!! I know, I know, Labor Day has come and gone. Public pools have all closed down, and the kids are back in school. You’re just not using your pool as much anymore and are ready to close it down for the winter.

Swimming Pool Deck Drain

What is swimming pool deck drain and why is it important? Swimming pool deck drain is a drainage system that is installed in the concrete pool deck as a permanent water drain to capture rain water from the deck and release it into the yard away from the pool.

When Should I open my Pool?

Spring is right around the corner, and some of you may be wondering when is a good time to open your pool. Here in the Central Kentucky area, we recommend opening your pool late March through early April. Typically when we tell someone this, we get a gasp or a look of shock. They say it’s too cold to swim so why should they open their pool so early?

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