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Hidden Pool Construction Costs.

In the state of Kentucky, it is required by law to have a fence installed in your yard if you have a pool. Your pool will not be cleared for use by an inspector until a fence is installed. Don’t wait until your pool is finished to have this installed, lest you be left with a beautiful and unusable pool.

Dirt Removal
When an in-ground pool is installed, a large amount of dirt must be removed from your yard. While many homeowners may think that the excess dirt can be dispersed throughout the yard, they soon come to realize that is not always the case. Because the amount of dirt is so vast, the dirt will typically have to be removed entirely from your yard unless you have sufficient acreage.  Dirt hauling, depending on the area in which you live, can be somewhat expensive.  Talk to your contractor about this extra expense.

Backyard Fun Pools will make every effort to minimize disruption to your yard, however, having an in-ground pool requires heavy equipment and construction. Due to this, your pool will not look complete without landscaping. At the absolute least, grass or sod will need to be replaced around the pool. In addition, many homeowners want their landscaping to coordinate with their new pool, and those costs will need to be factored in as well.

Electrical Costs
Some pool companies include this cost in their initial invoice but many do not as each pool has a unique electrical requirement. Based on the items that were chosen for the pool, such as salt systems, waterfall features, automatic covers, or hot tub areas, the costs for electrical needs will vary. In addition, because the price of copper wire often changes and the distance from the pump to the pool varies at every home, this cost can be hard to guess.

Retaining Wall
Many homes require retaining walls for in-ground pools because pools cannot be installed on uneven ground. Homes in Kentucky sometimes require a retaining wall due to the uneven terrain. Retaining walls are expensive, and you need to be aware of the additional costs before the installation begins. Research this cost before you decide to have a pool installed and save yourself the shock of the surprise expense.

Depending on what your project entails, such as the possible need for a retaining wall or how large you want your concrete patio/pool border to be, additional costs may be incurred for extra concrete that goes above and beyond what is included in the project.    Discuss these possibilities with your pool contractor so you are fully aware of the costs associated with concrete.

If you have more questions about the costs of pool installation,
contact the experts at Backyard Fun Pools today! Proudly serving all of Central Kentucky and the greater Lexington area, we have showrooms in both Nicholasville and Frankfort where we can show you design options and help you plan the perfect pool. As a member of Angie’s List with an A+ rating from the BBB, Backyard Fun Pools will ensure that you are satisfied with your pool installation.


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