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VS+SVRS Variable Speed Pumps

Energy Efficient "intelligent" pool pump with savings up to 90% on utility costs compared to traditional pumps.  

How it Works:

Intelliflo Variable Speed Pumps use a magnetic motor technology similar to that in a hybrid car.  Since this pump is programmable, it is able to operate at multiple speeds depending on what water features are operating.  The basic pool pump is limited to only a single speed or 2 speed motor, which in most cases is too powerful resulting in wasted energy and can actually reduce filtration effectiveness.  The end goal is to slow down the filtration process and use only the required amount of energy.  If you think of a coffee filter, you want the water to move through it slow and steady.  If we force water through it really quickly, it essentially bypasses the filtration process.  The Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump technology combines these concepts, allowing for maximum filtration at a fraction of the cost.  

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